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Taiwan's ICT Technology Competitiveness Study 2009.08
Concern on international green trade barriers triggered by Obama's stance on climate change negotiation 2009.07
The Analysis of Global Economic Crisis and Situations in Asia 2009.07
Emerging Green New Deal for economic revitalization or for environment? 2009.06
Financial Crisis Causes Rapid Industrial Structure Adjustment in China 2009.06
Invigorating economy through enlarging investments in public infrastructure: A long-term perspective on development and planning 2009.05
20 Years of APEC: Making Compromises and Building Consensus 2009.05
Emphasis on Taiwan's Post-Tsunami Industrial Structure related Problems 2009.04
An Insight on Medical Tourism Sector Developments in Asian Countries 2009.04
Mini Input from Industry, Giant Output of Agriculture: An Example of Gasohol 2009.03
A Survey on Technology Foresight for Taiwan 2020 2009.03
Lessons from the Financial Crisis 2009.02
The Feasibility of Cross-Strait Economy and trade Cooperation under the WTO Framework 2009.02
The Economic Impacts and Implications under Global Trade Imbalances and Financial Crisis 2009.01
The Economic Development and Challenges in ASEAN 2009.01
Prudent use of the expansion of public works to support economic development under the financial turmoil 2008.12
The role China might play in the global financial crisis 2008.12
Reviewing Taiwan's Role and Action in Participation Activities in Asia Pacific Region 2008.11
China Strategy of Regional Integration for the Asia Region 2008.11
An attempt at analyzing the causes and impacts of global inflation 2008.10
A Study on the Considerations for Our Country's Innovative Research and Development Policy based on the Analysis of the Top 300 Enterprises in Research and Development Commitment 2008.10
How to make Taiwan a market leader of MICE Industry in Asia 2008.09
A Macro Perspective on Banking System Reform in China 2008.09
Macroeconomic Trends and Global Impact of Inflation 2008.08
Influence of the China plus ASEAN Free Trade Area on East Asia's Economics and Trade 2008.08
Establishing a Low Carbon Societal System Based on the Core Concepts of Carbon Economy 2008.07
Report on TIER Seminar: Asian Political and Economic Outlook 2008 2008.07
From Energy Crisis to Food Crisis-Debate on the Development of Bioenergy 2008.06
How would Taiwan Tackle the Most Critical Industrial and Economic Issues Confronting the Island? 2008.06
FTA Proliferation in East Asia and Taiwan's Responsive Measures 2008.06
Challenges and Opportunities for Infrastructure Development in Taiwan 2008.06
The Reflections and Recommendations for Taiwan's Technology Policy 2008.06
Elevated Vision, Enhanced Illumination Allowing Energy Policy to Shine Forth Again in Obscurity 2008.06
Enhancing Industrial Competitiveness in Financial Sector- Current Policy Directions 2008.06
The Path to a Sustainable Environment Mapping out Taiwan's Greenhouse Gas Policy 2008.06
Industrial Policy Development in the Future - A Pragmatic Approach 2008.06
Taiwan's Policy Response to Globalization of Research, Development, and Innovation 2008.05
Development and Normalization of Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Relations 2008.05
Incorporation of 4 Export Models of GATS for Developing Overseas Markets for Taiwan's Service Industry 2008.04
Global Population Movements and Taiwan's Strategy for Recruiting Overseas Talents 2008.04
Business Service Industry Environment in Taiwan-Issues and Solutions 2008.03
New Strategic Initiative for Taiwan's Energy Supply under Global New Energy Circumstances 2008.03
The Prospects for Economic Development in Emerging Markets 2008.02
East Asian Monetary Integration-A Viable Alternative to a Common Currency Area 2008.02
The Developments and Challenges for Professional Design Service Industry in Taiwan 2008.01
Taiwan's Response to International Trade Challenges in the Face of the Free Trade Waves in Asia 2008.01